Name Error When using animation in unity

I was Following a Tutorial when i got an error saying that i had not used the correct name in the perameters tab but the two were the same

Further info will be in the images

my code reduced to error
animator.SetFloat("rename", Mathf.Abs(horizontalMove));


Thank you

You set “rename” as a Parameter. You are currently in the Parameter Tab. Look next to the Parameter tab, there is a Layer tab. Click that, and create a layer named “rename” and set it to a float.

Thank you for your response
First in the unity document (the tutorial I am following) at the bottom of the page it said that is was meant to be in the parameters page

2 How would I set a layer to a float

Never mind I Got it working thank you for your time

Glad you got it to work! Let me know if you have any other questions.