Name for game, legal issues?


I’ve thought out a great name for the game I’m developing. When I googled it, it turns out that a famous maker of mens wear uses the same name for one of their product lines. So, totally unrelated products. Should not be a problem, right?

I also checked if it’s TM’d… It ain’t. So should be OK, no? Any thoughts or experiences appreciated!


Trademark and copyright law are extremely complex. With no understanding of the ins and outs of these topics, Google searches will not protect you down the road. The bottom line is, if you want to protect your trademark or copyright, talk to a lawyer who specializes in these things, and PLEASE do it before you start selling your game … typically, attempting to do so after the fact is impossible, or at least prohibitively expensive. The expense of a brief consultation to at least make sure you’re covering the basics will be far less expensive and heart-breaking than litigation down the road.

tl;dr: Talk to a lawyer.