Name Spaces in C# and how to access external libraries



I have a free trial of unity pro, and am using QCAR augmented Reality. I am new to C#, (but well versed in JS), so I would appreciate some help using namespaces.

I want to use the method called projectPoint, described in the QCAR documentation here: . projectPoint usage is below:

QCAR_API Vec2F QCAR::Tool::projectPoint ( const CameraCalibration & calib, const Matrix34F & pose, const Vec3F & point )


How can I call this function inside C# script? And, what are the necessary imports/include(s)/namespace requirements?


Note, QCAR has been properly installed because the demo code from Qualcomm works fine. However, they don’t use projectPoint or any similar function so I couldn’t learn the usage from the samples.

I have tried and get the following errors:

  1. include QCAR (Error: QCAR is a type,
    not a namespace)
  2. using QCAR::Tool (Alias QCAR not

just executing the function in my C# class, I also get errors:

  1. QCAR.VideoMode videoMode =
    (The nested type VideoMode' does not exist in the type QCAR’)
  2. QCAR::VideoBackgroundConfig config =
    (error CS1525: Unexpected symbol

The code in your question is all C++. Is it possible that you are trying to link/include a C++ library from C#?

If yes, then you would have to find a wrapper dll which exposes your QCAR-library to .NET. You could also write your wrapper library yourself if one does not exist.

This is just my best guess without knowing QCAR. :slight_smile: