Names of the terrain shaders

I’m trying to write some custom terrain shaders for bump mapping. Does anyone know what the built-in shaders are called so I can override them? A complete list would be nice. Thanks.

If you grab the builtin_shaders (somewhere in Unity’s website) they are in TerrainShaders->Splats, named AddPass and FirstPass. They are short and easy to understand.

BUT, anything far from you (BaseMapDist, in the Terrain “Gear” settings) is drawn using the low-res BaseMap with the standard Diffuse shader (as of V3.3, anyway.) The BaseMap is premade for you, and doesn’t appear to respect the First/AddPass ones. It blends nicely with the current shaders, but as you change the near shaders more, you’ll see more of a snap as you approach and shaders switch.

The other problem is that Terrain has no explicit material, so you can’t add new textures. Normally, you change shaders and the material shows you the new slots for your bumpMap, specMap, etc… . For Terrain, it just automatically knows to send texture SplatAlphaN and the first four splat textures. There’s no place to drag in an extra one.