Namespace visible in Assembly Browser, but can't autocomplete in MonoDevelop?

I'm using a dll file built by my colleagues; Unity compiles it without a warning, but the broken intellisense affects the whole source file, which is quite annoying.

I tried using C# Visual Studio Express in virtual machine this afternoon, the intellisense was fine there, but I do miss the vi mode.. and externally modify the file in macvim does not force VC# to reload. :(

Any suggestions?

After 2 months usage of MonoDevelop 2.6 beta, I believe that it works somewhat predictably.

I can live with all the inconveniences just for the “go to definition” feature, and the fact that I got to work on my Mac.
I’m not using any debugging / repository management features in MD although they seem to exist.
I use it as a plain text editor capable of auto-complete C sharp code.

  • Some notes:
  • In VI mode, never do a search when the cursor’s at the end line of the file. It crashes MD due to line index error (out of range).
  • Same issue: in VI mode, use line number + 1 to go to the desired line.
  • If namespaces / intellisense ceased working somehow, re-open the file or restart MD for good.