Native Alert on iOS (plugin)

Hello, I have been trying to create a plugin with XCode and build it into a DLL or whatever is better with XCode inorder to create a native alert. I need help with how to exactly create the plugins(Example : File > New Project > Whatever) as well as a little snippet of code that will allow me to call the function like this displayAlert(“alertTitle”, “alertText”);

Thank you in advance, I really appreciate your help.

I did it sometime ago and started with the excellent blog entry An Experiment with iPhone Native UI and Unity 3 Pro by Gregg Martin. He provides a running demo for downloading so you can inspect the code. Furtheron I bookmarked a forum thread Unity plugin to handle loading native Cocoa UI’s with ease.

When I started integrating m own iOS lib, the most annoying thing was parameter transfer and I ended up in supplying int (=> int*), string (=>const char*), … because even to get a struct transported to the other end seems to be tricky.