Native Crash on Google Pixel 2 (Arm) Virtual Device

hello, my game consistently experiences native crashes on the specified device during testing. The crash seems to be related to the library, specifically involving graphics rendering and EGL components. Despite numerous attempts to debug, I’m unable to pinpoint the exact cause.
i uploaded game on my google play console but but in Pre-launch report found issues in your game in play console. error in Stability:

Crashes and ANRs
Native crash
Issue 1 of 1
Detected on 1 device during testing
Stack trace
Native crash

If anyone has experience or suggestions related to similar crashes on Google Pixel 2 devices (virtual environment) running Android 13, your advice or pointers would be immensely helpful. Any known quirks, device-specific issues, or optimal rendering settings for this configuration would be greatly appreciated.

Device: Google Pixel 2 (Arm) - Virtual Environment
Screen Resolution: 1080x1920
Android Version: Android 13 (SDK 33)
Architecture: arm64-v8a


#00 pc 0x0000000000051994 /apex/ (abort+164)
#01 pc 0x0000000000041814 /apex/ (scudo::map(void*, unsigned long, char const*, unsigned long, scudo::MapPlatformData*))
#02 pc 0x0000000000041ec0 /apex/ (scudo::reportError(char const*))
#03 pc 0x0000000000042220 /apex/ (scudo::stringifyAction(scudo::AllocatorAction))
#04 pc 0x0000000000043a20 /apex/ (scudo::Allocator<scudo::AndroidConfig, &(scudo_malloc_postinit)>::deallocate(void*, scudo::Chunk::Origin, unsigned long, unsigned long)+308)

Hey. I had the same error. Got rid of it by unchecking Player Settings/Optimized Frame Pacing
Found answer here c# - Unity Error: Native crash of com.CodeCraftedMind.ExtremeCityRunner - Stack Overflow