Native GUI-Style on IOS


i’m making an ios-app to show information about a party-club (Info, pics, events, map). I know its easier to create this with other editors or templates or directly in xcode.
But i wantet to know (and needed!) whether its possible to get access to the standard gui layout of ios and for example i wantet to show the iphone top status bar (battery, time, provider).
So whether it is possible to get access to this information due a plugin or is it possible to execute unity as a non fullscreen application?

I hope you can help me.

Best wishes,

You can not access native UIKit from within Unity, but you can indeed use a Plugin to interact with UIKit and call it from Unity

As for Unity not as fullscreen application: since Unity 3.4 its actually in a view. but be aware that there are limitations and problems you might face as it is designed to be a fullscreen environment

Ok, i found out you can enable and disable the status bar in the ios-player-setting :D Thanks to Prime31 for their answer!