Native iOS copy/paste/select in a TMP Input Field

In the editor I can select, copy, paste and put the caret anywhere in the text, but on iOS this doesn't work - I can't copy/paste/select or move the caret. How can this be implemented? Can't test on Android yet(


What version of TextMesh Pro are you using?

When HideMobileInput is false, all copy / paste and selection is done via the iOS virtual keyboard / input field line above the virtual keyboard. When HideMobileInput is enabled, you should be able to insert the caret and select the text in the GameView input field itself.

These changes require the latest release of TMP for Unity 2018.3 which is version 1.4.0-preview.xx


I updated, now I’m able to move the caret and select the text, but there’s no option to copy/paste. HideMobileInput is enabled.

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What do you mean by option to Copy / Paste? Do you mean some type of context menu that would show up to allow Copy / Paste of portions of the text that have been selected?

yes, iOS standard action menu:

there’s a plugin Advanced Input Field that claims to support that.

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The above functionality is part of iOS.

In order to provided similar functionality on all devices / platforms, this would have to be implemented inside of Unity and the TMP Input Field.

Let me think about this one. I'll provide feedback as soon as I have more information to share.


Hoping to do have access to the edit/select menu in iOS too, and customize it. I believe it is the UIMenuController object.

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Has there been any update on this or would creating a custom keyboard be more Time effective?

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Same question as stansison here - any updates on this?

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Any solution to this?

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iOS 13 has 3 fingered gestures that circumvent the need for this. But the InputField catching 3 fingered event works wonky. Sometimes it works, most times it just removes the focus from the InputField and hides the keyboard.

Catching and responding to the 3 finger gesture seems an easier method, would it be possible to get this?

Also struggle with the same problem =(

Confirmed that hide mobile input, copy/paste does not work on iOS in both regular UI input and TMP in Unity 2020.1.4f1

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Checking back

Native Keyboard Mobile Input doesn't show even if "Hide Mobile Input" is set to false
iOS 14 and Unity 2020.1.4f1.

Is this fixed yet? In what version is this fixed?

Looking forward to a fix too here...

2 years later, is there any update on this?

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no answer?


Any news?