Native iPhone Bluetooth Multiplayer?

So I want to create a 2D Tank game that you can connect to another iPhone over Bluetooth and battle in a stadium. I have everything working, but now I just need to get the Bluetooth connection and I am at a loss. I have searched around and it seems that in 3.x Unity was supposed to get a native Bluetooth API, but apparently it didn’t or if it did I just cannot find it.

If I could choose, I would rather not pay for it (I’m an Indie developer, not a massive corporation) and I would rather it be simply Bluetooth connection - No GameCenter or OpenFeint, just simply connect over Bluetooth and play.

I know you said you’d rather not pay, but Prime31’s plugins for Unity are great and are affordable for an Indie studio. His GameKit bluetooth plugin for unity is only 50 dollars, which I believe is well worth it’s weight in functionality. I haven’t tried it personally, but if it’s anything like his 5 other plug-ins i’ve bought, it should be relatively easy to integrate if you know what you’re doing.

Quote from and his plug-in for bluetooth:

Have you ever wanted to add Bluetooth or WiFi multiplayer to your game but didn’t want to deal with the all the complexity of networking? Now you can add multiplayer support to your game in just one line of code! If you want to kick it up and notch and add voice chat it’s just one more line! It is really THAT easy! Check out a simple example video here. For the adventurous types, the GameKit Bluetooth/WiFi and Voice Chat plugin gives you all the tools you need to make your own game lobby fully customized to match your games style!