Native rendering plugin OpenGL device type not being set.

The example project at Unity - Manual: Low-level native plug-in interface doesn’t work for me with the OpenGL Core profile selected, using Unity 5.2.1f1. The texture does not get updated from the plugin. Is OpenGL Core supported in the new native plugin interface?

Further, I’ve noticed in my own RenderingPlugin that the device type is not being set when using OpenGL.

s_DeviceType = s_Graphics->GetRenderer();

returns ‘4’, which corresponds with ‘kUnityGfxRendererNull’, not ‘kUnityGfxRendererOpenGL’.

Everything working as expected in D3D11. Has anyone else had similar issues?


Error in Unity code base. Will fix asap. Bug reference 737451.

OpenGL core in 5.2 doesn’t support the RenderingPlugin. It’s being fixed for 5.3.