Nav Mesh Agent Not Moving Despite Successfully Creating a Path

I’ve got a problem with my nav mesh agent stopping unnecessarily even after successfully calculating a path.

I’m working on an endless runner game where the environment is procedurally generated and I’m having to recalculate a new path every second because new obstacles are being added very frequently.

I’ve been able to debug draw the intended path however the nav mesh agent isn’t following it’s own that it created. It works fine most of the time but the nav mesh agent stops moving at times when there’s a clear path for it to follow towards the target position.

Can I get help on stopping this nav mesh agent behaviour from anyone that has a good idea on how the nav mesh agent works.


I also had issues with this problem and what turned out to be the problem for me was that my navmesh agent was being baked into the navmesh as an obstacle. So all I did on the navmesh surface component was unselect the agents tag in the Include Layers dropdown and baked it. That fixed the issue for me, hope it helps. @ayomidegidigbi61