Nav Mesh Agent (pro only?)

Unity - NavMesh Agent (Pro Only)

This document states that the Nav Mesh Agent component is a pro-only feature! Is this true? I’m able to add and tinker with a nav mesh agent with my indie license. Is this a bug I should expect to be corrected, or is this documentation page mistaken? Can I publish a game making use of 3.5’s navigation features without buying a Pro license?

Thank you for your response,

Okay, so it seems this is true. Very bad news for me. Any suggestions for free-beer pathfinding in Unity Indie? I’ve found this one (AronGranberg) and this one (AngryAnt) any other well-rounded alternatives? Personal preferences? Comparative reviews? Thanks.

So this question actually has an answer on it…

Kind of. Navigation is technically a pro-only feature. However, the only part of navigation that I found that actually needs Pro is the nav mesh generation (you can actually try out the NavMesh Unity project examples in Unity Free).

Awesome thanks for that. It is just what I need.