Nav Mesh for 2d games unity 2022.3?

Hey so I’ve been making a topdown 2d game using navmesh+ and I’ve built my entire AI system around it. However, updating to unity 2022.3 seems to have broken my ability to generate navmeshes with navmesh + and I see there is a new system added.

My question is: Is it now possible to get navmesh up and running for 2d games in unity using the new system? Or should I revert to using navmesh + and figure out a way to get it working again?

I’ve been able to generate navmesh in 3d with the new system with no issues so I know it works. I do see that 2d is on a different rotation from 3d so I’m thinking the issue is in there, changing the rotation of how the navmesh generates somehow? I just can’t seem to get it working for 2d

Edit: After much tinkering I went back and reinstalled navmesh + (h8man). Turns out I just needed to re-setup my scenes in a slightly different manner, and now it is baking again with no issues.
Now if someone could tell me how to delete topics on this site, I will decluter this solved problem.

Hi there,
I am having same problem and cannot seem to figure out. I am too trying to create top down 2D game. Can you share your project or at least give a little detailed solution to the problem of navmesh.
Thank you