Navigation Agent "Clipping" (Going inside) Navmesh Deadzone?...

First, to explain my project (in the screenshot), it is a 2D game, with 3d colliders (with Y as the “dead” axis).

I’m using the default unity navigation scripts (As in, Components, not stolen Wiki-Scripts), and the actor seems to go through the navmesh deadzones.

Any Help?

Need any scripts? (I don’t think it is my scripts, but ask for them if the problem isn’t obvious…)

Note: The bottom seems to go red… But only when “clipping”.

So I don’t know much about the NavMesh, since I haven’t used it much, but I do know that in the example’s Unity provides, they provide about half a character’s width to a full character’s width of buffer around all objects that should be avoided. So yea, you could do that. Hopefully someone else can help you better.