Navigation on over sized terrain

My graph team made an oversized terrain and built an arena on it, so the major part is useless, as I show it in this SplatAlpha screenshot (Imgur: The magic of the Internet I don’t know what are those two black and brown spots, and the second SplatAlpha only containing the red dot). Now I have to bake this terrain in order to add agents in the game. The bake system takes the whole terrain, which is logical, but I wanted to know if I could reduce the terrain size without reducing the heights and mountains, like I want to keep the arena scale.

Also, a big part of the arena doesn’t need to be baked (Imgur: The magic of the Internet). Is there a way to only calculate a portion of the terrain, or do I need to bake the whole thing ?


You can limit the areas to be baked by basically, making a gameobject like a cube, scaling it(or them) up to cover all of the area you dont want to be baked, and make it static. Then bake the navmesh, and remove the cube(s). Yes of course, you might want to put something up on top of the cubes(and make those objects static too of course), because it will bake the top of the cubes, so something like spheres and stuff. Just try to make as much of the terrain on top of the cube not flat or just not inside the limitations of the agents’s slope range. Hope this helps!