Navmesh Agent avoidance with as triggers

I’m getting ready to start working on the AI for my Pac-Man clone, but, before I get into pathfinding with NavMesh I had a question about agents as triggers. I know the agents would normally try to avoid colliding with one another while also moving towards their destination, so does setting them as triggers have this same effect, or would they walk through each other without any issue? I’m planning on having them walk through each other just like in the original game, but I wasn’t sure if pathfinding would have them find alternate routes due to another ghost being on that path.

You have a lot of ways to do it, Check out the manual of component:

You can modify the size of agent radius , making the agents are more near each others to get a collision, or you can set Quality property to None:

Obstacle avoidance quality. If you have high number of agents you can save CPU time by reducing the obstacle avoidance quality. Setting avoidance to none, will only resolve collision, but will not try to actively avoid other agents and obstacles.

Or you can directly set radius of agents to 0 (or 0.001 if 0 its not permissive), agents only walks on navigation zone, you can make the way with standard boxes, scaling and making the way, when finish, bake the navigation area and you dont need NavMeshObstacles.