NavMesh agent hesitates before choosing path

Hi guys,

I have a NavMesh issue that’s been bothering me for several days.
Agents in “Patroling” state are wandering around the level by choosing a random tile to go to. But sometimes the agents start oscillating before starting their trip, just as if they were hesitating on which path to choose.
It seems this “oscillation” can be reduced when adjusting the agent’s radius (not too big, not too small) but not completely stopped. Also this mostly happens when there are multiple agents on the level.
I verified that the agent’s destination is not changing during this hesitation. I also checked the pathStatus and it’s always complete. All the tiles are accessible from anywhere on the map.

See video :

Any idea what I can do to solve this problem ?
Thanks in advance for any help.

Not exactly sure, but maybe check the navmesh height difference? If navmesh plane isn’t even or correctly baked it might happen.