Navmesh Agent moves odd when bumped

So it’s not as simple as the title suggests. Yes when you bump the cat it moves slightly. It does have a rigidbody and collider, so when I slightly bump him in the first map/area he slightly moves a little. The issue is when I bump him in the next map/area he rushes the player as if the agent is magnetized to the player. If you keep walking at him it keeps doing it, and if you stop he keeps going for a while in the direction you were when you last bumped him.

I have a video and a post on the forums to see if anyone else has experienced this, but I’m thinking it’s a bug. At first I thought maybe it was my code, but I turned the code off completely and he still does it.

Post is HERE, video is here.

This odd issue was a problem with the rigidbody not reacting the way it should’ve. I deleted it and reapplied a new rigidbody and set it the way I wanted and now it’s working despite being exactly the same as the last. Seems to have bugged out I guess. Either way, it’s working now.