NavMesh and roads

So I have a scene with a baked navmesh, using two areas. One is for roads, one is for just regular ground. Roads have a lesser cost than regular rough ground so that the path finding prefers using roads.

That all works. My problem is I want to keep vehicule driving on the right side of the road so I need to adjust the NavMeshPath accordingly. I have a bunch of sampled points on my roads so in theory I could post-process the path, if it comes close to a road point, then assume we’re on the road. But that just seems costly as there are a lot of road points.

Am I missing something obvious? I have this weird feeling I’m going to facepalm myself.

I have the same problem, I’m interning somwehere and I need to make a natural traffic system. I was thinking about NavMeshes but how would I keep the cars on the correct lane. Did you figure out how to do it?

In my case there are no points the cars are going they just need to move around raods naturally.

any help would be awesome!