Navmesh AssetBundle

So a NavMesh object can be bundled up into an assetbundle, but, after much searching, I can’t figure out how to load the NavMeshinto the scene after loading the bundle. How can I do this? Is it even possible? (if not, what’s the point of even having it in an assetbundle?)

Or… is there another way I can load (or create) a NavMesh at runtime?

[Edit] Loading a bundled scene that had a NavMesh in it doesn’t seem to load the NavMesh, either. This seems like a bug to me. Does Unity know about this and are they working on it?

Unity 5.3.2p3

My English is very poor. I figured out this problem 。first loading scene(Build Settings) should has navmesh. then you can load the mavmesh correctly from bundled scene .