NavMesh Bake at Runtime

I want to use the in built ‘NavMesh’ by putting it onto my proceduraly generated terrain chunks which are made on Start(). I did some looking and found a github project and that did exactly what i wanted, that is by adding navmesh anywhere i wanted, however because the area the navmesh is needed in is fairly large this holds cpu usage in runtime at 100% which is not very practical…

I assume this is because the navmesh is being baked constantly but this is not needed as the terrain, once generated stays the same.

I am a beginner at this so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Edit: I am using the scripts ‘Local Nav Mesh Builder’ and ‘Nav Mesh Source Tag’.

I’m facing the same issue using LocalNavMeshBuilder and NavMeshSourceTag. I’ve come up with a flawed solution to add WaitForSeconds to the coroutine which bakes NavMesh in LocalNavMeshBuilder.cs:

IEnumerator Start()
    while (true)
        yield return new WaitForSeconds(1);
        yield return m_Operation;

In this case the delay is 1 second. With this I’ve gone from around 50% CPU usage on my machine to <1%, but each NavMesh update takes at least a second, which in my case is not critical. The wait time can be adjusted to suite your needs.

Alternatively you can call UpdateNavMesh function only when your world has updated.