Navmesh based player movement

To help with rotation issues that may arise from topdown movement, I wanted to use a navmesh agent system to make my player move with, The idea is that when you press w, the point would go about 3 units forward, W and D, and it would to the top right corner with the player in the middle, rotating and moving to the point as navmesh agents do, I have no idea how to get the point to move to where I want it to, but I have a good (ish) understanding of navmesh agents. I am using the navmesh unity github that has the new pathfinding stuff.

You dont need to move yourt player with NavMEsh system, at least not the movbement itself, you can add a navmesagent, to be sure it stay inside the navmesh area, but the movment with setdestiantion is to make “automatic AI objects”, so move the plaver by changing it transforms