navmesh is floating above ground...

navmesh is floating above ground…

so characters above navmesh is floating above ground…

i want navmesh doesn’t floating above ground.

some people say Height Mesh checkbox can resolve it.

but Build Height Mesh is Not supported in now unity version.

how can i resolve this problem?

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You need to modify the NAve mesh agent Offset property (in the player object).

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I found this result recently via Google. I’ve run into the same problem with having the player walk over a hill. The solution was to reduce the voxel size. Unity recommends a minimum of 0.125, but I did 0.05 and it works perfectly.

Navmeshes normally float a little bit above the ground, you might want to drop down the level of your max slope to something like 0 if your game is 2D and not going to have changes in altitude- 1

if anybody else will face problem where your character floating up with baked area make sure u give meshNavSurface to the ground and not character