Navmesh Jump Animation

Hi has anyone know anything about navmesh jump animations , I have set up my navmesh and have the jump point’s working I just need help on how to get it to play different animations when it detects the jump point’s.

I have used Mecanim for my animations and for now while I prototype have used unity’s example bear from the nav mesh example.

However I have my own AI script, just using the example for the animations.

What I am having issues with is trying to play/blend a jump animation. Not sure what I should do, hope someone can help and im sure the community will learn from anything that anyone has to offer as I haven’t been successful while researching this topic.

Thanks in advance

I did this little quick script to detect when the NavMeshAgent is jumping, not sure if its of any use to you:

string linkType = GetComponent().currentOffMeshLinkData.linkType.ToString();

if(linkType == “LinkTypeJumpAcross”){
Debug.Log (“Yeah im in the jump)”);
//Activate animation here

The other way is to use

NavMeshAgent.isOnOffMeshLink (its a bool)

What would be needed is the calculation of the distance and the height, I guess you could use that data in a blend tree to get the desired result. I’m new to mecanim so not sure what is and is not possible yet.