NavMesh / Navigation not working and crashing the program

I’m trying to bake my terrain to use AI Navigation. I didn’t use Unity properly in a long time and now, after installing Unity-2022-3-LTS.22f1, I installed the AI package.

If I try to bake the terrain the “obsolete” way, it’s just stuck in exporting tiles at 0% forever. When I try to use the new NavMesh Surface component, when I click Bake it opens an endless SceneView.Repaint window and I have to exit Unity through the Task Manager.

Does anyone knows the fix or an alternative?

Please tell me. Thanks in advance.

Try baking mesh on a small meshes first and, if successful, continue testing this process for progressively larger meshes and/or more similar to your scene. This should help you figure out the precise setup when baking breaks.

It may turn out that there is a broken mesh object somewhere or a terrain is just too big.