Navmesh, need an destroyable obstacle which will remove it's entity in terms of NavMeshPath

  1. I have Destination
  2. Destination is covered with fences all over
  3. When one of the fences getting destroyed my agents should move to destination (In other words if path is clear)


  1. I need to know status of the destination (CalculatePath) but this method ignores NavMeshObstacles and returns path as true even if the path is blocked
  2. When the Fence is getting destroyed I need to update its navMeshObstacle so agents getting aware that they can move and only navMeshObstacle works this way. If I make fence static Not walkable, then I will have issues with updating path, as destroying this object do not destroy (Rebake) obstacle for navmesh.

REQUEST Unity devs, please, raise the ticket to review possibility to make so NavMeshObstacles would be considered when building a path, it’s so needed and I saw many other people complaining about it

Looking for a solution to achieve what I want, I wouldn’t like using A*

Are your fence NavMeshObstacles set to Carve?

My working mate gave me a great idea.
I can make my own PathStatusCheck by comparing target transform with the end point of the path if they are same, then the destination is reachable else destination not-reachable.

I’ll make a try for it and will answer here