Navmesh splits over dense triangle sections

I’m having a massive problem with a navmesh over sections that involves a large number of polygons and streches across the entire navmesh. These sections despite being perfectly capable of being linked together are actually split apart by a tiny sliver of empty space making it impossible for an agent to move through. If an agent even spawns on there, it would be stuck there aswell.

This is the problem right here:

Nothing wrong? Let’s take a closer look…

Hello, game breaker.

So, how can I fix this? There are other navigation assets out there that do not have this issue but alternatively, they all have their own that makes it near impossible to use.

I’ve found a workaround to the problem! Instead of creating the navmesh area cover only the chosen area, instead you should offer a bit more in all directions so the triangles are less dense. It doesn’t fix the problem at its source, but still works until the developers can fix this.

for anyone experiencing this with NavMeshSurface, it was fixed in this forum post