Navmesh vs Waypoint Network: A.I. best practices?

Just looking for insight and thoughts on best practices for navigating AI characters around a level.

Is there a preference to using Navmesh vs a handmade waypoint network? Pro’s and Con’s?

Well, this question is posted long ago, but though, I’d like to answer it. It depends. It depends from game you make, what particular goal you want to achieve and so on. For example you have your third person player which is controlled with WASD and you have a companion or enemy who pursuits or follows you player. In this case I would recommend NavMeshAgent, since nobody knows how player will move and path he will choose. The second situation is patrolling. Let’s imagine the situation where you have a guard and he patrols some territory. In this case I would recommend Waypoints (but use NavMesh to move and find path to them), because you have a predicted route. The third situation can be mix of the previous. Imagine situation where you have a forest, prety big forest and there are no roads. In this case NavMeshAgent is preffered, but when you reach a road, for example out of forest to village, it’s better to use waypoints to follow that path.