Navmesh with 2 floors and an elevator

Hi everyone,

Without running into too many details, I have a small scene where there are 2 floors, an elevator and some avatars changing floors. I set up the NavMesh and all NavMeshAgents needed, everything works ok as long as they don’t change floors. Here’s the scene

I can’t use escalators or ladders or anything, it’s very important for me that avatars use the elevator. My problem is that I didn’t find a proper solution for the elevator. I tried a few hacks like baking the NavMesh with static planes that I hide afterwards etc. Hacks work, but I get the feeling I’m missing something, it’s way too tacky. An Off-Mesh link didn’t work, my guess is because NavMeshes were disconnected?

By the way, one of the tricks I tried and I still don’t really understand why it doesn’t work is to bake the NavMesh so that there is NavMesh inside the elevator in both floors, but then weird things happened. The NavMeshAgent didn’t realise he was in the second floor when the elevator arrived there, so the paths all pointed to the first floor… all in all, weird.

I read that if geometry is dynamic I shouldn’t use Navmeshes anyway, but… is there simply no way to do this currently?

Solved using NavMeshAgent.Warp