NavMeshAgent and 2d animation plz help

hey im trying to make a 2d game and im adding animations to my 2d ai sprites

for my enemys ive set up an animation system so if the enemy is going:
up vector2 would be 0,1

down vector2 would be 0,-1

right would be 1,0

down and left would be -1,-1

im then using them in mecanim

public void AnimateEntity (float VerticalAxis, float HorizontalAxis)//this gets the movement inputs and puts them into mecanim for the character to be animated
	EntityAnimationController.SetFloat("x", HorizontalAxis);
EntityAnimationController.SetFloat("y", VerticalAxis);

and for the Vertical and horizontal axis im using

AnimateEntity(navComponent.velocity.z, navComponent.velocity.x);

navcomponent being the NavMeshAgent

the outputs im getting from AI_Info.navComponent.velocity is like (-1.7,0.0,-1.4) and i need them to be between 0 and 1)

Please help ive been trying to get this working for hours and im not getting any where

thanks ~Scott

float z = Mathf.Clamp(navComponent.velocity.z, -1, 1);
float x = Mathf.Clamp(navComponent.velocity.x, -1, 1);

AnimateEntity(z, x);