NavMeshAgent CalculatePath not working as expected

I have a circle of nav mesh agents with a priority of 1 with one agent in the center with an avoidance priority of 99.

I have then attempted to calculate a path outside of the circle the trapped agent is inside.

For some reason the status of the returned path is “PathComplete” when this quite obviously is not possible.

Is there any way to make the CalcuatePath method actually respect obstructions?

I know this is super old, but for anyone who needs an answer, the fact is that Unity’s NavMeshAgent doesn’t actually calculate it’s path with obstacle avoidance in mind, it just takes into account the NavMesh data and then tries to follow the path as best as it can avoiding near obstacles but without modifying the path, so when you use CalcuatePath, it only uses the NavMesh data. You could use the NavMeshObstacle to carve a hole in the NavMesh in real time so that the path takes the obstacle into account, but that’s really resource intensive and should be used with caution.