NavMeshAgent issue

I have viewed all the available tutorials … I am pretty sure.
And have followed all the instructions and not gotten an agent to move over a navmesh.
But …
I have gotten an agent moving using an Animator Controler to walk the length of the navmesh
respecting the non-walkable areas.
Although I cannot get this agent to go to a designated target using any of the scripts I have found. And these are darn simple, here is the latest I have tried.
Note the commented lines that I also have tried. None of them work.
I must be missing something stupid simple. Any help would be appreciated.

var target : Transform;
private var NavComponent : NavMeshAgent;

function Start () {
var agent: NavMeshAgent = GetComponent.();
//NavComponent = this.transform.GetComponent(NavMeshAgent);

//target = GameObject.Find(;


function Update () {
	//GetComponent.<NavMeshAgent>().destination = target.position;
	//this.GetComponent(NavMeshAgent).destination = target.transform.position;

You shouldn’t be setting the destination in the Update() loop. This is probably causing a new route to be recalculated in every frame, which is why the agent never starts moving. Instead, only set the destination once, in whatever method causes the agent to choose a new target (i.e. on mouseclick)

Thank you. I have decided to go to a way point paradigm for now but I will be coming back to this for another project I know needs it in the near future.