NavMeshAgent moving sideways when angularSpeed is low...

I have a NavMeshAgent with a very low angularSpeed (around 50 degrees per second) and a speed of around 10.

I’d expect the agent to turn very slowly and always walk in the direction it is facing (probably orbiting its target at such low angularSpeeds), but what is in fact happening is that, while the agent’s transform rotates at the correct speed, its velocity vector turns much faster and is not aligned with the direction the object is facing. This results in the agent moving sideways.

I experimented with directly modifying the NavMeshAgent’s velocity Vector, which yielded somewhat promising results, but I suspect this could cause issues with obstacle avoidance and such, further down the line. Is there anything else that I may be missing? I’m using Unity 4.6.9.

To answer my own question, modifying the velocity Vector directly seems to have done the trick for our project.