NavMeshAgent overshoots path corners

I need to move my NavMeshAgents at extremely high speeds to speed up a simulation process, but when I increase the speed of my NavMeshAgent to somewhere in the 1000s, they overshoot all corners of the NavMeshAgent path. I need the NavMeshAgent to stick to its path, but still update its path dependend on other agents movement in the scene. This means I cannot save the ideal path and use something like Vector3.MoveTowards and use the corner points of the ideal line. I need to use the original navigation system of the NavMeshAgent.

I have tried increasing the acceleration and angular speed of the agent to crazy high numbers and it works for speeds at around a few hundreds, but I need speeds at several thoundsands and I need the navigation to be stable and reliable. Right now every play can present a different path as the agent overshoots its path corners. It is very important that the movement path of the agent is not compromised as I need to track the exact movement distance.

The attached video shows an example of the issue, just with lower speed so the agent can be seen properly. The issue is the same with high speeds.184665-navmeshagent.gif

Hey @oscar_westergaard.
I’ve stumbled upon your question while having the same issue.
What solved my issue was increasing the aceleration speed, so the agent actually stops when taking sharp corners.