NavMeshAgent & slope issue

I have a character with that newmeshagent, when the terrain is flat everything works as expected.
But if here is any slope the character is like falling a bit (falling on the slope) when it reached the destination and he is also rotating.
I have tried to set the angular velocity to 0 when the destination is reached, to increase the stop distance etc
Help please

Good day.

If your nave mesh agent is moving the object as you want, and the problem is only when it reaches the destination, the problem is not in the navmesh agent.

Once it reaches the destination, it will stay “inactive” until new destination is set.

So when is “quiet”, if it goes down the hill, is due gravity. It have a rigidboy right?

You can set the rigidbody as “No use gravity” and “Kinematic” (this means only code will move it).

And i supose the problem will gone :smiley: