NavMeshAgent transform won't leave navMesh?

So I have a knockback function that translates the unity NavMeshAgent in a straight direction, and it has the possibility of pushing the agent off the navmesh (into a pit for example). The problem is even though the transform LOOKS like it’s pushed off as it should(both the agents mesh appears to AND transforms seem to) it’s somehow actually constrained to the navmesh (again, even though NOTHING seems to reflect this on the agent itself).

This becomes a problem for me as my navMeshAgent is a dummy and is being followed closely by my character. Since the character is looking at the navMeshAgent position to determine where it should be, it ends up stopping at the edges of the navMesh and won’t go off of it and over the pit.

Ideas? Alternatives? I’m going to try looking into the off point stuff as an alternative but I’m open to anything.


You can let your character leave the navmesh by disabling the navagent on it, with navAgent.enabled = false; Make sure you reenable it when they get up. Before doing that though you might want to use navAgent.Warp = transform.position, to update the position of your characters new position on the navMesh