NavMeshAgent with Collision - Need Help


Since I cannot find a solution for multiple agent sizes operating on a single NavMesh, For the bigger units, I am trying to add colliders on them to prevent them from passing through certain areas they shouldn’t be able to fit through.

So to clarify, I want the path finding to still resolve, but unit to be restricted by a collider.

I have tried to get this working by adding a box collider, while attaching a rigidBody with Gravity turned off, but this just completely bugs out the path finding. It also sends your character flying if you try place a building with a collider underneath him. Setting the Is Kinematic flag on just makes the unit ignore all other colliders as well.

I realize this solution isn’t optimal, but I would like to get the above method working. Am I approaching it in the correct way?

Do you have Unity Pro Version ?
if Yes ,
Then you can resort to Unity - Manual: OffMesh Link

If Not , 
The workaround would be to sub divide your mesh and then generate individual NavMesh'.