NavMeshObstacle carving hole not disappear?

hi there.
i’m add a NavMeshObstacle to my player which is already has a NavMeshAgent component.

I know that can not attach Agent and Obstacle on same .once my player reached it’s
destination ,i made Agent disabled and Obstacle enabled .
but there comes a problem :when i re-Disable Obstacle and re-Enable Agent in order to move my player
then my player joggled maybe one frame.seems the hole carved by Obstacle didn’t disappear immediately after disabled Obstacle.

So i wonder what is the exact time the NavMesh system restore the hole carved by Obstacle and how i supposed to do.

NavMeshAgent navAgent;
NavMeshObstacle proxyAgent;
void Start()
    void Update()
           navAgent.SetDestination(some vector3);

find some inefficient solution. but works well so far . if anybody need it just reply i’ll update