NavMeshPath.corners.length is always 0

Hey. I want to use the CalculatePath() function to calculate a Path, so i dont need to use a NavMeshAgent, and I am able to walk the Path manually.

So the problem is, the resulting path has always a Length of 0.

Here is the important part of the Code I use:

NavMesh.CalculatePath(character.obj.transform.position, hit.point, 100, path);

Both variables character.obj.transform.position and hit.point are valid.
I also baked the NavMesh. What could the problem be?

So i fixed it, for everybody following this question:

 NavMesh.CalculatePath(character.obj.transform.position, hit.point,  NavMesh.AllAreas, path);

Thanks to Seriphis from the GameDevLeague Discord!