Ndk is in the correct directory, but I get an NDK not found error.

Using Unity 2019.2.14 downloaded with Unity Hub. Mac OS 10.15.1
Looking at the preferences, I see that “Android NDK installed with unity (recommended)” is checked. If I uncheck it, I can see the directory where this selected version is pointing, and the ndk does exist there.
If I try to build with IL2CPP for arm64, I get this error: “Android NDK not found.”
What is going on?

I figured it out. When you download a version of unity through Hub, there is a directory here: Applications/Unity/Hub/Editor/2019.x.xxxx/PlaybackEngines/AndroidPlayer/NDK
Inside that folder should be the NDK file, but no, there is another folder called android-ndk-r16b, and only in that folder are the ndk files.
That extra folder is causing the error. You must move all the contents directly into the NDK folder, and then things work. Unity, why are you shipping it like this?