Need a creative way to make an animated comic on the iPhone

Hi folks.

I just found out the terrible news that I can't use movietextures on the iPhone (it sounds like a hardware limitation?? -- is there any way around this?)

we were planning to have a series of animated cutscenes with texboxes that you have to click through manually. sort of like an animated panel-by-panel comic book.

does anyone have any creative ideas on how we can achieve this? off the top of my head, the only solutions I can think of are:

*do all the animation in a 3d app and render each clip as actual 3d geometry

*remove all dialog, use pantomime, and play the animations in the media player



Or make a page-flip animation script (google it, this question's been asked and answered a few times before already). You can render that on a 3D plane or GUI texture, either way.