Need a object to react different when clicked mutliple times

So I have made a clickable object for a tutorial for the game. When you first click it, most objects will disappear. When you click it again, an object will reappear. This is my code so far

using UnityEngine;
    using System.Collections;
    public class Explain : MonoBehaviour {
    	public GameObject myevents;
    	public GameObject friends;
    	public GameObject chat;
    	private int clicks = 2;
    	void OnMouseUp(){
    		//First click explain news
    		if (clicks > 1)
    			clicks = clicks + 1;
    		else (clicks > 2){

At first, it would do both function in a single click, and now it says
Assets/ExplainPhone/Scripts/Explain.cs(21,34): error CS1525: Unexpected symbol `{’

How do I fix this error, and make it so that the else functions only reacts on a second click? I just started working with variables, so please keep it simple :smiley:

“else” needs to be “else if”, since you’re using it as an else if.

if you want the SetActive call to only happen on the second click, just check for equality with two:

else if (clicks == 2) {