Need advice making a drag and drop word game

Hi guys first time using Unity here, i have previously used Unreal Engine 4.

I was wondering if anyone could inform me of any tutorials regarding a drag and drop game in Unity. I will list below what i am intending to create:

  • I would like a word to appear on the screen the word will be read out to the player
  • The user then has to drag the correct word into a box
  • If the word is the correct word, the user scores a point and moves onto the next question
  • If the word is the incorrect word, the user gains no points and moves onto the next question
  • Once the user has answered all questions, the user will see an end game screen showing them the amount of points they have earned

Thank you for taking the time to read my post, i am looking forward to create my first Unity game :slight_smile:

I believe Quill18 has a good drag and drop tutorial on YouTube.

I’m curious,… If the player is shown the word and its read out, wont that be super easy??

Forgot to add, Good luck :slight_smile: