Need advice on best way to Save objects in one project and load them in anouther.

I’m making a quiz style of game and I want to make a separate project as an “editor” that I can allow a user to make new questions for the quiz. Its somewhat of an educational use so I don’t want the game player to be able to edit questions just the, for lack of a better word, “teacher” to be able to make new questions and solutions. I started with the idea of writing the questions in excel and using CSV which was a terrible idea. then I got the idea to use XML instead, which I’m not sure is the best solution either. watched some videos on scriptable objects we well but I don’t know enough about them to know if they are what I need. I’m looking for advice on what the best way to take a custom object build in one program, save it, and then a second program to read the questions from a file without re-building the project.

You could output the questions and answers in a JSON or binary format and load that or you could even just have them type up some questions and answers in notepad, load and parse the text file.
You could have a class in the game which is just for parsing any of those files and converting it into whatever class you use for your questions and answers at the moment.