Need advice on custom finger gesture recognition

im fairly new to unity and need some advice. I am creating a program where I need the to create custom finger gestures. I looked at fingergestures in the asset store, however it seems to be for making regular gestures (swipe, pinch etc) easier to deal with. I want to make my program reconize specific one finger gestures assigned by me. for example I want my program to be able to tell if a user used their finger to input a circle or a small letter e. any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Hi everyone. thanks for your all your help and advice. I went through all of the links given and I ended up using $P recognizer which is a more recent version of $dollar recognizer. I was able to implement this into my program and it is working quite well. Here is the link $P Stroke Recognizer

I was able to take the sample c# script provided and adapt it to my program without too much trouble. It says the code is for .net 4.0 however the only parts of the code requiring .net 4.0 are the parts of the sample program which does user input/forms/gui ect. The actual part of the program which does calculations works fine with unity. I just had to make my gesture templates and user input into classes $p could work with.

So in short, this is possible using $p and the results have been good for the project I am making :slight_smile: