Need any help from you to create pose data from 3D model in Unity MARS

Hello, I am learning Unity MARS but I am facing some bug, I think(I am not sure it is bug :))
I am going to export 3D pose data from 3D model by clicking "Create Body Pose" button.
but it dose not work as like what the document mentioned.
I attached screenshot , if you have time, please guide me how to fix it.![8452073--1121297--Screenshot_1.png|1166x846](upload://oMAS4vXiHq4Sy0n134JsOGveoVr.png)

Hello @SavaCoder , could you please guide us on what specifically are you doing to get to that state?.

Also in the meantime, could you please tell us which version of Unity are you using, what OS is the editor running in and what platforms are you targeting? (and if its a mac, could you please let us know if its silicon or intel based architecture)

Hello I am having this problem too! I am running on MacOS Monterey, silicon architecture, and I am targeting iOS. Everything else works fine except this bug and I am not able to do anything with body poses. Please help as I am on a deadline!

hello @altheavail ,

I replied to your same question here