need clarification on Resources.Load()


I made a little test project to try out Resources.Load() but did not get the result I expected. I build a Web Player and got a folder with 2 files (WebPlayer.html and WebPlayer.unity3d).

Since I explicitly tried to “stream” some parts by placing a prefab and an xml-file into a “Resources” folder and loaded them via Resources.Load() I would have expected the building process would produce also a Resources folder with my 2 files or at least another file (like: resources.assets).

(I also used 2 scenes to make sure that the 2 files are only used in the second scene and not immediately when the player starts.)

The player runs perfectly and the assets I load with Resources.Load() get loaded as they should. But the whole point of this test project was that I would have separate files for my “streamed content” (apart form the “WebPlayer.unity3d” file). That would allow me to change them separatly.

So either I did something wrong or I had simply wrong expectations of that function. I can´t see where the streaming is happening when there is only one file. Is the unity browser plugin streaming parts of that “WebPlayer.unity3d” file rather than loading it completely?

Yes, it seems that AssetBundles are in fact the only option there. Thanks for your answer.

I’m just confused by this because the Unity Manual says this:

Loading Resources at Runtime

There are a number of scenarios where
you want to include some kind of asset
in your finished game that is not
included inside the primary game
: standalone, web player or
your iOS/Android application. For
example, one scenario is to slim down
a web player’s download size, and
dynamically download and instantiate
individual objects or items. This way
only the necessary objects are loaded
by the end-user. Another scenario
might be for downloadable content
additional weapons, environments,
characters, or even full levels.

In Unity Pro/iOS Advanced/Android
Advanced, you can choose between two
for accomplishing these tasks:
Asset Bundles, and Resource Folders.
Non-Pro/Advanced license holders can
use Resource Folders only

So what ever I do with Unity(nonPro) will end up in one big file, which will be loaded completely from a website to a users harddisk and from there only partially loaded into memory (depending on my LoadLevel() and ResoursesLoad() calls). If my game happens to be big, then initial loading will simply take a while, unless I use Unity Pro with assetBundles. Is that right?

(just to make this clear: I´m not complaining here that streaming can only be done in Pro. I think it´s totally fair considering what you get for free already. I simply need to understand those things.)