Need Gambling License Urgently

I already tried to contact Unity Sales team twice on the following URL:

I have not received any response yet. Is there any other way to know more information about the gambling license and how to get it?

Have you managed to get the license and how?

Were you able to get this handled? I was able to get my RMG license recently, if you need help let me know.,Did you get this? I was able to get a RMG license if you need help obtaining one let me know

I spoke with a rep directly to lock down my rmg license it did take a while but once the process started they set me up to invoice and after a week or two the invoice showed for me to pay to get the license. Once paid you get a little gambling eula I guess it is to agree on and then the license just shows up as unity pro but on their side you have rmg restrictions lifted.

If you have already done the contact on Casino Games Software for Online Gambling Games | Unity and havent heard back(I did that twice) reply back and I’ll give you the reps email I spoke with to get it all done he was awesome with staying on top of the process for me. If you can private message on here send me a private message I’ll reply if not just message here if you want that email, I just signed up so I’m not sure if they offer private messaging or not

Hi, same problem for me too. I tried to contact Unity Sales by webform for RMG license with no luck. Is there any other way of contacting this sales team?