Need help aligning animations to a top down dual joystick shooter. Plz!!

I am working on a top-down dual joystick shooter testing it with my xbox controller. I have the basics done where he will run (with the left joystick input) and when I use the right joystick he will rotate and play animation (for firing) but… how do I play animations according to the Z axis of the right joystick( which is my lookat rotation[61598-character-move-script.txt|61598])? Right now he just plays animation according to raw input. For example, if I am am having him aim right with the right Joystick but push up, he goes into a “forward walk” instead of a “left strafe”. The script is attached. Hell, I’ll even throw in a Starbucks gift card ($5) if someone can help. No shipping overseas tho… can’t go there.

@Vintar-Thanks for your time and quick reply… I hear you and maybe the way I explained it was not clear… I am building a mobile game and I would like the controls to echo “Xenowerk”. If you Youtube it maybe it will shed light on my dilemma. Again, appreciate it.